Saxon Panchik

Professional CrossFit Athlete
9thFittest Man on Earth

With doing multiple workouts in a day, recovery is a huge part of my training. I used to feel run down at the end of each day. After using the CUBE, my recovery has improved significantly. I feel much more energized during my training sessions and it allows me to do more within a full day without being run down.”

Spencer Panchik

Professional CrossFit Athlete
Owner of CrossFit, Cliffside

“I have been using The CUBE for the past 18 months and use it as my number one recovery source. I have done multiple CrossFit competitions while implementing the device and I significantly notice a difference in how fast I am able to recover after a long day of competition. I typically wake up the next day with very little soreness and muscle fatigue. As I get into workout during training for competitions, I feel super energized and feel like my muscles are able to recover and take more volume.”

Saxon and Spencer on the podium at the CrossFit Games Brazil 2019

Terri Sanders

IT Professional
Fitness Coach

“My sleep quality has improved 200%. As a result, I have seen a significant boost in my immune system.” 

Davidson Silva

Owner Mind Body Empire Inc.
Certified Personal/Fitness Trainer
Former MMA Fighter/Body Builder

You gotta nourish to flourish.”

Learning, understanding and experiencing the effects of the CUBE technology on muscle recovery has made a big change in my lifestyle, training and daily activities. It has helped me increase my strength and stamina at the gym while feeling less fatigued. I have also felt a great metabolic boost without having to take extra supplements. I definitely recommend the CUBE for all athletes.”